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Sacred Mayan Journey

April 15 - 29 2016

Infinity and beyond

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala & Copan, Honduras

Celebrating the Heart of the Earth & Heart of the Sky, through the Heart of Hearts

Announcing an inspiring and mystical journey to the Maya lands. Creating ceremony in nature and at ancient sacred sites and expanding our consciousness on this magical journey will give you the experiential opportunity of a lifetime. This journey is for the truly truly beings who sincerely choose to assist in dreaming the world into being as we co-create 2016 and beyond! Itinerary and Highlights
-We will fly into Guatemala City, where a comfortable bus will take us to our hotel in Antigua, a beautiful colonial city with lively market places and wonderful energy. There we begin the journey with a welcome meal and time to meet each other!
- We will transfer the next day to the indigenous village of Panajachel, on Lake Atitlan, which will be our home base for the next 4 days.
- Our first ceremony will be to honor the Heart of the Earth. On the sacerd waters of Lake Atitlan, surrounded by volcanoes in the highlands, we invoke Mother Ix-Chel and Grandmother Ixmukane and the spirit of the mountains, expressing gratitude and focusing our intention on love and compassion in our hearts and the hearts of all beings.
- Our excursions by boat to the villages around the lake provide the opportunity to explore the artistry of the indigenous people and the stories told within their weavings, paintings and carvings.
- Another highlight around Panajachel is the ceremony in the cave, where Mayab to this day honor the earth and offer gratitude for all her gifts. In this sacred cave, we will create a dezpacho to create Ayni (right relationship) and harmony within ourselves and the world. Each day we will have space to integrate after the ceremony and time to share experiences.
- We may choose to visit the church and markets Chichicastenango and/or Huehuetenango, important cities of the highland maya. We may enrich the experience with visits to local shamen.
- On day 6, we transfer to Copan in Honduras, where we will spend the next four days, connecting to the Heart of the Sky and the star ancestors.

Here we will do ceremony with the magnificent stellas,
who carry the energy and wisdom of the ascended ones. The sacred
site of Copan draws us into the Hearts of Hearts to attune us to our
sacred center within.
- The museum of Copan is spectacular as many of the original art is brought inside this structure creating a
powerfilled space. There is also a lovely butterfly and orchid reserve
in the area.
- Between visiting sites we will have ample time to visit the miraculous nature of Guatemala and receive wisdom teachings of the Maya from Martien and Teressena. Opheleah the crystal skull will travel with us
again, assisting in opening our minds and hearts to align with unity consciousness. We look forward to this very special journey as we align with the heart of the earth and the heart of the sky, opening
our hearts to create a bright new world together


2010 group to Guatemala and Honduras


Cost for the Mayan Journey is $2,800 or 2550 Euro. This includes all lodging, admissions, transfers, pick-up and return to airport, opening and closing dinners, and all ceremonies, and teachings. Does not include airfare or meals. Deposit of $500 required by January 30, 2016. You choose to reserve your space click here now.


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Your gracious Hosts - Martien and Teressena