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the Fifth Tarot Certification

The certification program for The Fifth Tarot offers tarot readers and complementary healing practitioners an in-depth study of this deck and how to work with it as a tool for assisting others in gaining clarity, direction and insight into the energies at play in their life.

Through this certification process, participants will explore the ancient wisdom and esoteric teachings contained in tarot.
Participants will gain greater understanding of the symbolism, metaphors and meanings contained in the imagery of the cards, as well as the significance of numerology and the alchemy of the elements.

The classes offer hands-on experience at improving your reading skills and expanding your intuitive abilities. The certification program facilitates the opportunity for you to become proficient at reading with The Fifth Tarot deck, as well as enhancing what you are able to offer to your clients.

Your guides in this week will be Martien and Teressena, creators of The Fifth tarot who humbly will share their home, wisdom and amazing community with you. The certification classes will be 4 hours each day. In the afternoons you will have the opportunity to visit crystal shops, go crystal digging, visit the bath houses or the many sacred sites in the mountains and waters of the area.

Requirements for Certification
- Participant must complete all classes.
– complete 12 client readings with The Fifth Tarot deck
– do two live readings for instructors
- demonstrate proficiency in the course materials and a firm grasp of readers' responsibilities and ethics

Upon completion of above requirements, participant will receive a certificate, becoming an official Fifth Tarot Reader and will be registered on our website for referrals in your area when requested.
Fifth Tarot Readers have the opportunity to train further to become a teacher of the course materials aligned with The Fifth Tarot with the permission to use the accompanying handouts.

Cost for The Fifth Tarot Certification Program: to reserve space click here $555 .


As requests for this summer teaching are coming in we are creating groups so we will gracefully expand our Hot Springs community with our new brothers and sisters. Sign up --- > Beacons of Love