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Sacred Journey, Shamanic Workshop and Crystal Class

A Magical, Mystical Journey of a Lifetime in beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

Shamanic Workshop and Sweat Lodge with Martien & Teressena
An experiential intensive workshop with Native American wisdom teachings, shamanic journeys, sweat lodge and ceremonies. We will do ceremony at many sacred sites including Gulpha Gorge, Lake Ouachita and Hickory Nut Mountain which is the heart chakra vortex of the area. Lee Standing Bear Moore of the Manataka council will share stories of the indigenous people of Hot Springs and the valley of peace.

Crystal Class and Crystal Digging
Crystal teacher, Gary Fleck, will share a wealth of wisdom on the mineral kingdom. Participants will see rare mineral specimens and experience laying in crystal grids. Over the days we will dig for crystals at Wegner's Crystal mines, known for their phantom crystals and their incredible showroom and shop, Coleman's Crystal mine with remarkable clear quartz points and clusters and Crater of Diamonds Park where one can find diamonds and other precious stones.

Sacred Mountains and the Heart of the Dove Grid
During your visit we will drive to sacred spaces in the Crystal Grid including Talimena Ridge, Mount Magazine and Signal Hill.
These sacred spaces are within the Heart of the Dove Grid which over lights the Americas. We will do ceremony for activations and attunements to the codes of light left here by the Atlantean Brother- hood of Light. Along the way we will visit the magical valley of the gnomes and the Rune stone at Heavener State Park.

Bathhouses and the Healing Waters of Hot Springs
In nature we will explore Little Missouri Falls and enjoy a day of boating and swimming on the sacred waters of Lake Ouachita. You will also have the opportunity to soak in the healing waters of the famous bathhouses, known for their therapeutic qualities and high vibrational frequencies.
Truly a relaxing, rejuvenating and enlightening experience!

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